Monday, April 21, 2008

Another Spring on the Hillside

Can this really be our third spring in East Tennessee?
Have we been gone from Texas for 13 years?
I have several dozen unfinished songs in a folder, one of them called "Time Flies"

"When you don’t know what you’re doing
And don’t know what to do

Time flies so much faster than you."

Okay, it's not Lennon/McCartney, but it's true. At any rate, while we have missed Texas, we've enjoyed this local version of life coming back into bloom.

On this hillside, we're surrounded by flowering trees and shrubs (and weeds)...

if we could only get them all blooming at once! The confounded clover is always first, followed by flowering pear, red and white dogwoods, azaleas, columbine (thanks, Susan) and dandelion.

With the arrival of spring, we have started getting our garden in. This year we're going with tomatoes, peppers (jalapenos for salsa; poblanos, green and red bells), cucumbers, okra and squash. Herbs are dill, chives, parsley (what, no sage?), rosemary and thyme. Our blueberry is also in bloom and we're hoping for fruit.

So now begins again the growing and mowing season. No respite until November. This steep grassy slope quickly becomes a love/hate thing, but the flowering and planting is pure joy.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

First Post

What a crazy, fantastic two weeks it has been! When you work for yourselves like we do, and in our "feast or famine" line of business, you have the mixed blessing of sometimes being able to take off for several days. With just a few work projects to occupy our time, we've spent the past couple of weeks since Abbott's arrival living on the road back and forth to Nashville (many thanks to our good client West Chevrolet for the loaner van, which made the family travel with Wannie & Poppa, Jami & Jack more comfortable).

With the thousands (well, nearly) of photos posted on Jami's and Kelly's blogs, we won't try to post too many here, but we do have a few...